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Crystal Energy

Crystals bring in different energies according to the way they were formed, their chemical composition, their internal structure, their colour etc. The selection of appropriate crystals  involves both an understanding of the properties of the crystals, along with the use of the intuition. Each type of crystal brings in a unique energy which interacts with the person's own energy to  clear blockages and bring the desired result.

Crystals Workshops

Workshops are held occasionally at theWhiteinch Centre for those who are interested in learning more about the crystals and how to use them for self-healing. The cost is £25 per person which includes a manual.  The Whiteinch Centre is a modern well-equipped community centre, easy to find on Northinch Street,  just off Dumbarton Road in Glasgow. It has a plenty  of parking space, a cafe and a lift, so is fully accessible to  those with disabilities. First Bus numbers 2 & 3 both pass by the centre regularly. 

There will be no further workshops as I have now retired