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Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Grief, Guilt, Pain, Fatigue, Lack of Confidence ...

EFT is the tapping therapy developed by Gary Craig as an easy-to-use method for overcoming emotional problems. By tapping on certain meridian points around the face and upper body we can release negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, grief, guilt etc. Some physical conditions, tension and even pain, can stem from emotional issues too, and can often be helped by EFT. You can use EFT to clear emotions from the past, to help you to deal better with the challenges of everyday life, and to work on changing self-limiting beliefs to achieve greater success in life.

How it Works

All negative emotions are the result of a disruption to the body's energy system. A traumatic experience has the effect of disrupting the body's energy system, and negative emotional responses become attached to the body's memory of the negative experience. When events trigger the memory, negative emotions are experienced. EFT involves finding and connecting with the distressing memory or situation, and then tapping on meridian points around the face and upper body. This procedure rebalances the energy system with regard to the issue, and releases the emotion.

What can you expect at an EFT session?

An EFT session involves focusing on the emotion or feeling, and then tapping on specific meridian points located on the face and upper body. We may deal with a number of different issues within the 90 minute session. You will be then be advised about the ways in which you can use EFT at home. With EFT you are given a valuable tool which you can continue working with to improve your life. Further appointments may be required to help you to work through a process of change. In particular, where the issues are very difficult or distressing, continued help and support may be required.

EFT Workshops

On an EFT workshop you will learn how EFT works, different ways you can use it to improve your life, and you will get the opportunity to try it out on some of your issues. You will also receive an EFT self-help manual.


Workshop - Change old Limiting Beliefs

Sunday 12th November, 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Whiteinch Centre, Glasgow

£25.00 includes manual