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Meditation is the practice of slowing down the thinking process, and stilling the mind. We can do this by relaxing the body, and then focusing on the breath, a mantra, or on an object such as a candle flame. Practiced regularly we can quickly still the mind and find that place of peace and balance within. In the meditative state our brainwaves slow down and we experience a state of deep mental relaxation. In this state we lose the identification with the mind, and realise that we are not our minds. Meditation raises us above the illusions of everyday reality, and helps us to make a connection to the higher, or spiritual self.

Meditation Classes


There are no group meditation classes running at the moment. If you would like to learn to meditate then you can contact me for a one to one session. The cost is £25 for a one-hour session.

Why Meditate?


Meditation brings improved physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and over a period of time promotes greater awareness, balance and insight. Meditation slows the brainwaves, taking us into the alpha state, where the heart rate slows and the blood pressure drops, allowing the body to recover from stress. Meditation also enables us to strengthen the connection to our higher or spiritual self. A regular meditation practice is an essential part of any program of spiritual development.